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You are your own god of fortune!

3+3D Bonus – 6D Zodiac game only available in Malaysia

New Life Post (21 July 2018)

We are closely related to our zodiac since birth, such as characteristics and fortune. Have you ever thought that your zodiac will be able to bring you fortune?

Da Ma Cai has introduced a brand new game which carries the Bonus element symbolized by zodiac.

It’s easy to play, the game has the highest prize payout of RM120,000 and additional chance to win Bonus prizes with an investment of just RM1.

3+3D Bonus is a new game offered by Da Ma Cai. It is the first of its kind, not only it is the first game in the country that has the Bonus element; it is also the game in the region that has Zodiac element. This 6D game has the highest prize payout of RM120,000 for 1st prize in the country, with an investment of just RM1. It also offers customers with 3 Bonus winning chances.

The game also has 45,977 winning prizes for every draw.

It is very easy to play, as one just need to form a 6-digit (6D) numbers combination with a Bonus Chinese Zodiac.

A Weekly Bonus of RM30,000 shall be added to 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize Bonus respectively for every Sunday Draw to be accumulated until won.

How to Play 3+3D Bonus Game

The basis of play for 3+3D Bonus is to select your favourite 6D numbers, together with one Bonus selected from the twelve Chinese Zodiacs.

Step 1 : Select 6D numbers from 000 000 to 999 999.

Step 2 : Select a BONUS from the twelve Chinese Zodiacs.

Step 3 : Place your bet amount. Minimum bet is RM1.

* You may choose system bet.

* Choose Z bet option(cover all zodiac)to ensure that you also win the Bonus.

* You can also choose to bet iZ with RM1(cover all zodiac with RM1)

Special Bonus

To add excitement, a Special Bonus will be added to the 3+3D Bonus draw on selected Sunday determined by Da Ma Cai. The additional bonus will be distributed equally to each of the 3 main Bonus Prizes. Just recently 8 July 2018, RM2.1million was added to the 3+3D Bonus draw as Special Bonus and distributed equally to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize Bonus. Currently, all the Bonus prizes has surpassed RM2.3million respectively.

Numbers Inspiration

Fret not if you do not have your favourite number, you can play Lucky Pick numbers which are randomly generated by our system. Who knows, your Lucky Pick number could just be your Lucky Winning Number!!

Numbers Dictionary feature is available on Da Ma Cai website to help translate your dream into numbers. Besides, dmcGO, the mobile betting channel of Da Ma Cai also carried Tua Pek Kong Numbers so you can check your inspiration numbers anytime anywhere and to make you placing your bet at ease.

Winning chances are always around

A retiree from Johor who bought the set of number 9363 + 1824 on a House Share System Bet (HSSB 10) ticket on 19 May 2018 and took home the RM2.86 million. When claiming the prize, the lucky Johorean told that he actually missed out winning another Da Ma Cai game, the 3+3D Bonus on the same draw day. “I should have listened to the sales operator at the counter who asked me to try out the new 3+3D Bonus game. She told me that I just need to add my age or birth year to my usual 4-digit numbers, to form the 6-digit numbers combination. As for the bonus, it can be just my own Chinese Zodiac.”

The winner added, “I was born in the Year of Rooster in 1957. If I have added my birth year, 57, to my winning number 1824 and together with my Chinese zodiac, Rooster; I would have won the 3+3D Bonus game with the winning combination 571 824 + Rooster, with a prize of over RM367,000.”

3+3D Bonus Contest – Cash Reward for customers

To reward Da Ma Cai loyal customers for the strong support and in conjunction with the launch of the new 3+3D Bonus game, Da Ma Cai is having the 3+3D Bonus Contest with a cash reward. With an exact RM10 3+3D Bonus bet in a single ticket, customer is entitled for 1 contest entry. There are 138 cash prizes totalling up to RM138,000 comprising 6 Grand Prizes of RM10,000 each, 6x 2nd Prize of RM6,000 each, 6x 3rd Prize of RM2,000 each and 120 Consolation Prizes of RM500 each to be won for the Contest. Draw will be conducted to find the lucky winners on Wednesday, 8 August 2018 at selected Da Ma Cai outlets.

Play your lucky zodiac today! For more information on 3+3D Bonus, please visit www.damacai.com.my.

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